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Using modular, highly scalable and secured sensor-to-cloud IoT platform along with seamless connectivity, MBit provides a foundation for connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud and value through predictive analytics to drive competitive advantage. 

Industry 4.0 and


MBit’s Industry 4.0 solutions help to reduce manufacturing and service costs and improve overall equipment effectiveness, asset uptime, unmatched time-to-market and predictable ROI. 

Smart Cities

A truly futuristic connected city

In collaboration with our ecosystem partners and through our connectivity and edge computing technology, we offer solutions to make cities smarter, safer and efficient. Our Smart City solutions help with smart parking, waste management, environmental concerns, energy consumption and traffic congestion. This will enable city management decision making processes to be real time data driven.

Smart City
Factory of Future

Factory of the Future

A new dimension to monitor manufacturing

In collaboration with partners, our zero touch AIoT solution integrates data from OT/IT sources within manufacturing facilities including legacy control systems and provides analytics orchestration to enable real time asset health monitoring and generate alerts and control responses. Our Factory of the Future solution is positioned to revolutionize manufacturing process like never before.

Predictive Maintenance

A leap into your manufacturing floor's future downtime

Deploying our predictive maintenance solution helps to predict the possibility of future asset failures. To predict failures the inbuilt analytics in our AIoT solution analyzes the asset data to correlate with any known issues. With the help of our technology, assets can be maintained predictively and timely to allow high integrity of the manufacturing line.

Predictive Maintenance
Connected Field Force

Connected Field Force

Connect your front-line employees / workers for productivity, safety and quality gains

Our end-to-end connected field force solutions are designed to significantly improve compliance, productivity and safety of the industrial workforce by converging field force skills, movements, SOPs and HSE guidelines. Effective management of the field work force in real-time provides higher customer satisfaction with our technology.

Smart Fleet

Three dimensional comprehensive fleet tracking - Location, Performance & Driver details

Our device to cloud fleet management solution features can enable highly reliable, continuous connectivity combined with predictive and prescriptive analytics. It allows to collect real time data from the vehicles such as information about vehicle health status, location, driver, weather and traffic for improved productivity, reduced fuel expenses, better vehicle utilization and reduced costs.

Connecte Fleet

Smart Farming

Precision data driven farming for high efficiency & yield

Our smart farming solutions comprising of gateways, monitoring and control systems and analytics from our partners allow farmers to collect and analyze information to make more informed decisions. These systems can be deployed for irrigation management, precision farming and live-stock and crop management.

Smart Farming
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